Online Business Opportunity – Due Diligence

There is a difference between due diligence and paranoia in regards to researching a business opportunity, whether it is a store front or an online business. Due diligence by definition is the systematic, methodical, and comprehensive process of evaluating a business opportunity. Paranoia by definition is a tendency toward excessive or extreme form of irrational deception and distrust. This is not a business skill, it is a psychosis. The problem is that most people don’t know how to effectively do due diligence.Skepticism is okay is mild forms. However, do not simply dismiss something out of hand because “if it shows up on the internet it can’t be real”. That is foolish behavior. Some of these businesses can be used to counteract climbing unemployment rates and a failing economy. Here are some interesting facts: Internet business is essentially recession proof, lots of individuals are setting up shop online and finding success. It’s not unrealistic for a legitimate online business to generate large amounts of revenue. This could be $5,000, $10,000 or even more in a week.The key is to learn how to effectively do online research. This is a skill that will help any internet entrepreneur find success. When watching a video online about a business remember that the people on the videos are real people. They have chosen to share their income claims with you for a reason. Any of them would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Don’t hesitate call them, talk with them, ask questions, do your research and use due diligence to make your decision.There are many resources available today to effectively aid in conducting your due diligence for your opportunity. For instance, you can check with creditable sites like,, or Check to see if they have had any reports filed against them. If they don’t have anything bad press about that particular business, then it’s probably legit. This will require time and effort to do conduct this research online. But if this is something you are looking at doing for a career you own it to yourself. After all you need a solid sense of legitimacy about the particular opportunity in question before you can make an educated decision. The decision will not be based on random notions but rather on fact.One more tip to help you in completing your due diligence is that any types of business opportunities, especially multi-level marketing companies or MLMs, are required by law to publish an “income disclosure statements”. This will detail how much money is really being made. Not just the top earners but all of its members. Make sure to check corporate websites for these reports. They can and will be very revealing. This will tell you if the offer is true to its form or just hype.